Associate Training Handbook 2020 rev.


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This is our handbook that walks our Associates through our client and building processes, as well helps direct them on how to get started and build their Primerica business.


A 3-part audio series Shane did in November 2019

Getting people to recognize that although everyone wants a great life, most don't understand what it takes to have it.

Our customized FNA input form with scripts to help walk the clients through the process


This is our client presentation. It's the basic template. Feel free to input any changes to reflect your market.

This is our very successful referral process that is extremely important for our clients.

FNA input form

This webinar shows you how to fill out the FNA input form.  Very important.  It also recaps the form process and a few of the pages of the FNA presentation.

FNA Presentation

This in an introduction to the FNA Presentation.  It also walks you through the pages.

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